Yarn along

I'm joining Ginny's yarn along today.

Knitting: After finishing the sweater dress, I've been working on some smaller projects. Although one of them is actually a big project. I'm trying to knit enough potholders to give to my family this Sinterklaas, but I did the math and well... 7 households times 2 potholders times 2 squares makes 28 squares to knit? Oh my, so boring...
So I'm allowing myself to work on something else too. I found this assortment of really soft wool at the thriftshop one day (you can see the whole bag here) and I've been dying to start working with it, although I'm not sure what I'm making. Maybe a hat, but it could also be the start of a sweater. I'm trying to figure out how far one of these little skeins will get me before I decide. Ha, that would make a bigger project too, I guess. I did knit some smaller items between the sweater and these though. I will show those soon.

Reading: Stephen King: Full Dark, no Stars. What can I say? I think Stephen King is one of the greatest writers of our time, but I'm not really into scary stories, so I don't often read his books. Sounds silly, I know.
When I do read his books I'm always impressed though. As a reader, but also as a writer. When I read his books, I feel I've got so much to learn.
I really appreciate his little forewords and epilogues for that matter, since he usually talks a little about writing in those. I think I read somewhere that he wrote a whole book about writing, maybe I should buy that someday...

Anyway, these four stories are really raw and harsh, but somehow I couldn't stop reading when I started.
I read the first two in one evening and I think I will start reading the third one tonight.

 So what are you knitting and reading?


My sweater dress

Though that bulky yarn makes it less suitable for everyday wearing (it's warm!), it does make for a quick knit. I finished my sweater dress last Thursday.

I love it. Some of you already commented about the colors. Yes, neutral, but not boring. That's why I love it so much (I made cowls with it before and knew I wanted a sweater in that colorway).

The cowl neck turned out a bit tighter than I was going for, but when I tried it on, I liked it, so I kept it that way.

The length is just right, a few inches above my knee. I know that in the picture it seems somewhat tight on me, but it does look good in person (so hard to take pictures of oneself). Also I lost a lot of weight lately and I hope to loose a bit more, so I like that it will still fit then.

Overall, I'm quite please with it.

Knit with Marl Wool from Zeeman (but I think they don't sell it anymore, can't find it online), no pattern but some help from Elizabeth Zimmerman on the yoke and the back neck short rows.


A good weekend

My weekend was mostly filled with this:

battling a cold (I think I won - feeling much better today), good tea. lots of knitting

Also there was some of this:

(don't worry, I am focussing on the good stuff here): more dark wood paneling gone, a view of beautiful old stones (original wall of our 1910-ish house) for now, a clean white wall once we finish this part of our big living room renovation project

And I paused to enjoy a bit of this:

It was a good weekend.
Hope you had a great weekend too and wishing you all a wonderful start of your week.


A stack of bags

It seems every time I post about sewing I want to write I  f i n a l l y  did some sewing. Well, that's what it feels like. And I guess it's the truth too.

The last time I sewed something was in June. And then I bought a lot of fabric (vintage pillowcases mostly) and planned to make some bags with them. Which I f i n a l l y did this weekend. ;-)

Well, actually I made two of them a few weeks ago, but then perfectionism jumped into the game and I got stuck.
But this Friday I told myself I just needed some simple bags, nothing fancy. I wasn't going to give them as presents, I wasn't going to sell them, I just needed bags to hold stuff.

I guess I have to explain this. Since January it's prohibited by law in our country to give out free plastic bags in shops. I am glad about that, because I already carried my own grocery bags and tried not to accept the plastic ones. But I often had to ask to take my goods out of the bag they already put it in before I could say I didn't want it and sometimes I just didn't and took the plastic bag. I also got plastic bags from my mother when we exchanged magazines and books, so they were always around. I guess I used them more often than I thought, because I did notice we were running out of them. And that's why I wanted to sew some bags.

So I did. And once I let go of too high expectations, I was on a roll. I made 5 bags that Friday and then Sunday, when I knew exactly what I was doing, I made 14 more.
I reused the seams of the pillowcases and found a way to make two bags out of one pillowcase with hardly any scraps left. They're just the size I want them, not full sized grocery bags, but big enough to hold a stack of magazines, or a knitting project, or anything else I used to grab a plastic bag for. Mission accomplished.


yarn along

I'm joining Ginny's yarn along today.

Knitting: I'm at the last part of the yoke of my sweater. I've been trying it on and it's tight, but it does fit. Now I'm guestimating how to make a wide turtleneck (is that the right way to explain this? I want something that looks like a cowl on a sweater) with a little help from Elizabeth Zimmermann (Knitting without tears, I love that book).

Reading: Peter Tremayne, The Leper's bell. My father loves these historic mysteries and keeps recommending them to me. This is the second one I'm reading and I'm still not sure if I share his opinion. I like the historic information that is added throughout the book (it's set in Ireland in the Early Middle Ages), but sometimes it feels like it doesn't really add to the story, but instead holds it up. Also I miss a feeling of connection to the main character. She doesn't feel real to me. But then again, it's quite entertaining. I am curious who stole the baby and why, so I'm sure I will finish it.

So what are you knitting and reading?


ten things that make me happy today

:: the gorgeous misty sunrise I witnessed this morning

:: looking back at a full but fun weekend

:: seeing the pile of bags I sewed this weekend (more on that later)

:: the bittersweet anticipation of our youngest girl moving out soon

:: family visits

:: thinking up a meal to cook for todays family visit, without having to drive to the supermarket.

:: remembering I planted four leeks in the garden. I think I'll go and see if I can add those to my planned stir fry.

:: my oldest daughter being my hairdresser. I've never been disappointed after a dye or a cut since she took over.

:: autumn flowers

:: knitting (of course ;-)  )

Wishing you all a wonderful start of your week!



I used to love Amanda's "This moment" posts and be equally frustrated with them, as I never seemed to be able to catch a moment like she would. When I took this picture a few hours ago I was thinking this would be a good one to share on the blog. A moment! I thought excited. And I wondered if I could revive the Friday moment posts and... And then I realized it was not really a moment again.
It is a snapshot of my life right now though.
So that's what I'll call this. A snapshot.

(I'm not sure if it's going to be a Friday thing or even a series of recurring posts. Looking back at the past few years of blogging I don't think I'm in a position to make promises about regular posts anyway. I wish my older archives were ready to open up again, but they're a big mess and I need to work on them a bit more.)


Yarn along

I'm joining Ginny's yarn along today.

Knitting: a sweater for me. A not too baggy, but comfy and long sweater to go with leggings or skinny jeans. At least, that's the plan.
The first try was from a pattern I used before, but it turned out way too big (my fault: I thought using thicker yarn and bigger needles in size XS would work, but it didn't), so I frogged that.
This is the second try, winging my own pattern like I did with the purple and white sweater last year, but it seems a bit small. It does fit over my hips, so that's a good start, I guess.

Reading: I don't really feel up to any difficult reading lately, so I picked up a teenage favorite of mine. It's from a Dutch writer, written in the 1930's and I don't think it was ever translated, but I love it. It's 80 years old, but still very fun to read and actually quite relatable. I guess people didn't really change that much, despite television and internet.

So what are you knitting (making) and reading?